Hashahar Ha’ole Chocolate for Baking



  • Delicious Hashachar Baking Chocolate
  • Perfect for all of your pastry needs!
  • Certified Kosher and Dairy Free
  • Product of Israel
  • Chocolate Kosher 14oz



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Hashahar Ha’ole is one of the brands most identified with “Israeliness.” It is recognized and found in every home in Israel, as well as among Jews and Israelis around the world. The spread has a nostalgic taste, reminiscent of the tastes of childhood and has not changed since the day it was first created.
Since its launch 55 years ago, Hashahar Ha’ole spread has accompanied the Israeli consumer in all the important points in his life: from the sandwiches the children take to the kindergarten, through the annual trip and the summer camp to the army and life as adults and the use of pastries and desserts.

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