Prigat – Apple Fruit Beverage, 1 LT Carton


Prigat Nectar is a drink rich in fruit, Thick textured , smooth and luxurious. Prigat’s nectars contain a high percentage of fruit,  50%, and produced from Great fruit.
The nectars rich and thick texture, makes each sip to a small moment of indulgence and all day to optimism and wonderful …

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Prigat (Hebrew: פריגת‎) is a juice and syrup manufacturer in Israel owned by Gat Foods and Israel Beer Breweries. Prigat’s headquarters are located in two kibbutzim, Givat Haim (Meuhad) and Givat Haim (Ichud), near Hadera.[1] Prigat is Israel’s second largest manufacturer in the juice industry.

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