Sano Oxygen Color-Safe Laundry Bleach, 750ml


  • Easy solution for problematic areas!
  • Sano Oxygen Series Non-Chlorine Bleach for Easy Removal of Tough Stains When ordinary detergents aren’t good enough, Sano introduces the Oxygen series to fight those hard-to-remove stains. Sano Oxygen in liquid or spray form contains active oxygen which removes difficult stains from white or colored laundry, leaving it cleaner.
  • Before laundering, spray directly onto stains
  • Removes stains on problematic areas like collars and cuffs
  • After spraying, immediately place items in washing machine and wash according to instructions on garment care label
  • Available in 750 ml spray bottles.
  • Product of Israel

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Sano (Hebrew: סנו‎) is a detergent products manufacturer in Israel founded in 1961. The company produces toiletries and hygiene products, disposable diapers, incontinence products for adults, household cleaning products, laundry detergents, pesticides and insect repellents, cosmetics and various paper products

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