Secure Payment

The site where you are currently shopping uses Stripe e-Commerce solution which is fully recognized by the financial industry’s top players.

It was designed to allow e-shoppers to pay in an ergonomic, user-friendly environment, while simultaneously ensuring the highest possible levels of security and privacy.

Stripe e-Commerce payment solution is used by several thousand online commerce sites.

These sites can be recognized by the logo below and the words “Payment Processed by Stripe”, both of which will appear on the payment page.

Stripe, being solely a technical provider, does not deal with disputes arising from orders. Such disputes must be settled directly with the merchant and/or your bank. Should a problem arise e.g. relating to the delivery of the goods, we would advise you:

  1. To contact the merchant at the addresses displayed on the merchant’s site or in the confirmation messages;
  2. If the merchant fails to provide a satisfactory response, then contact your bank. It will inform you of the correct procedure to follow